JET-5654EB (3200Mhz High Frequency DDR4 DIMM Extender)

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Product Overview


„The JET-5654EB DDR4 288 Extender is designed to be used as an extender or
protector of motherboard's sockets when testing DDR4 DIMM modules.
„It extends the lifespan of the DDR4 Memory module sockets on the motherboards.
„To use the this extender, user first plugs the JET-5654EB onto the systems (such as
motherboard or DDR4 Memory module test equipment). And then insert the DUT or the DDR4 Memory Module into the socket of JET-5654EB to run the module tests.


„Design:4 Layers PCB design.
„Compatibility: Compliant with JEDEC Specification MO-309C.
„Frequency over 3200 MHz.
„Lifespan:(Under Normal Operations)
DDR4 socket lifespan can reach over 600 times insertions.

Test conditions

1. PCB thickness:1.40 +/- 0.1mm.
2. PCB Golden Finger uses no tie-bar during manufacturing.
3. Before inserting Memory Module into JET-5654EB socket, both the socket
and memory module must be in parallel.
Note: Incorrect insertion or Memory module PCB not follow above test rules
will reduce the Extender's lifespan.
„Over current protection on the SPD device.