M2MU2 (M.2 (NGFF) to mini PCI-E Adapter)

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Product Overview

M2MU2 (M.2 (NGFF) to mini PCI-E Adapter)


M.2 stands for Next Generation Form Factor which is invented for PCI-SIG by Intel® and it is developed for flat and high-efficiency equipment such as Ultrabook™ or Tablet PCs. It is a natural transition from the Mini Card and Half Mini Card to a smaller form factor in both size and volume which supports multiple function add-in cards/modules including: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, global navigation satellite systems, near field communication, Hybrid digital radio, wireless gigabit alliance (WiGig), wireless wide area network and solid-state storage devices. Also adds functionality to USB 3.0, display Port, SDIO and SSD-PCIe

The M2MU2 adapter is designed for desktop/Laptop PCs that convert 3G wireless M.2 Card to full/half mini card slot.
You can insert your M.2 card (Socket 2 SSIC-base WWAN) such as GSM, HSPA(3.5G), GPS, LTE cards to this adapter then plug to USB port through USB cable.


  • Allows user to use M.2 Socket SSIC-based WWAN Module to mPCIe Slot in the Desktop or Laptop.
  • Supports USB interface of M.2 Cards (Socket 2 SSIC-base WWAN) such as 2G GSM, GPRS, 3G,CDMA, WLAN,WWLAN, HSPA MODEM , GPS, 4G WiMAX, LTE, Mini Card to desktop PC.
  • Support Full size and half size mPCIe slot


  • USB M.2 Card to mPCIe adapter.
  • M.2 Specification Revision 0.9
  • Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0
  • Support 2230/2242 M.2 Card dimension.
  • Support M.2 Socket SSIC-based WWAN Module.
  • Support M.2 Key B Card Type.

System Requirement

  • Mini PCI-E slot
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32/64, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Linux



M.2 (NGFF) to mini PCI-E Adapter comparison

Model Name M2MU2 M2MP1 M2MP1-E M2MS1
Function M.2 to mPCIe M.2 to mPCIe M.2 to mPCIe M.2 to mSATA
Interface USB 2.0 PCIe & USB2.0 PCIe & USB2.0 SATA
M.2 SPEC Socket 2 SSIC-based WWAN Socket 1 Socket 1 Socket 2 SATA-based
Application 3G / CDMA / LTE / GPS module WiFi+BT module WiFi+BT module SATA SSD module
Module KEY B A E B / B+M
Support Card Type 2230/2242/3030/3042 2230/2242/3030/3042 2230/2242/3030/3042 2230/2242/3030/3042


M2MU2      $50

Package Contents

M.2 (NGFF) to mini PCI-E Adapter x1
Screw x2
Flat-Head Screw x1




Unit Price:  $56

M.2 (NGFF) to mini PCI-E Adapter x1
Screw x2
Flat-Head Screw x1

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