JET-5478MK V.2 (DDR3 204pin SODIMM Adapter with Metal-Guide - 1600Mhz)

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Product Overview

The JET-5478MK2 Adapter is designed to provide an alternative testing solution through 240pin DDR3 DIMM connector interface. Simply plug the JET-5478A into the DDR3 DIMM sockets on the motherboard or tester. Then insert the SODIMM module onto the JET-5478A for testing or burning-in. 


- Added Metal-Guide in the SODIMM socket to ensure proper alignment and extend the lifespan of the adapter

- Design:4 Layers PCB Desing

- Compatibility: Compliant with JEDEC Specification

- Speed: Frequency over 1600Mhz

- Support: Support single or dual channels system

- Lifespan: Under normal operation use, the lifespan of this DDR3 DIMM socket saver could exceed 600 insertions

- Protection: Over-Current protection with Virtual Fuse

 RoHS Compliant