PMMD V1.1 (SATA to mini-SATA adapter with SATA power)

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Product Overview

PMMD V1.1 ( SATA to mini-SATA adapter with SATA Power )


The SATA to mSATA adapter is a converter tool for mini-SATA interface.
This module allows you connect any SATA device to the m-SATA slot through a standard SATA port and power cables.
SATA power connector can supply 3.3V/5V/12 to SATA device, when 5V and 12V are input from 4pin FDD power connector


  • Allows user to use standard SATA hard device to SATA-IO mSATA slot in the Desktop or Laptop PC.
  • Transparent to the operating system and does not require any software drivers.

*This adapter is engineering test tools. NOT for home or office use.
*The Products just only support mSATA slot, Can’t support PCI express mini card, Can’t support Apple MacBook air SSD Card.
*SATA power and 4pin FDD connectors may be interfered each other.

System Requirements:

  mSATA slot

SATA-3.0-35cm Cable:




Package Contents

Unit price: US$ 30

PMMD V1.1 

(SATA to mini-SATA adapter) x1
with Metal Baffle x1

SATA cable x1


External 5V/12V power supply x1

Screw x2


Documents Download

Brief V1.1  Taiwan  Taiwan 2  China Mirror
Brief V1.0  Taiwan  Taiwan 2  China Mirror
Dimension V1.0  Taiwan  Taiwan 2  China Mirror
Schematic V1.0  Taiwan  Taiwan 2  China Mirror
Comparison  Taiwan  Taiwan 2 Mirror  China Mirror